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Architecture is a business solution and at MILES, we understand the intricacies of creating a physical space to serve your company's functional, aesthetic, and branding needs. Our highly interactive and collaborative design process allows our team to dive deep into your corporate culture and understand your people, mission, and aspirations. We understand that every detail from space planning to sourcing furnishings and accessories, to final placement and installation, contributes to the workplace environment that you wish to create.


We design buildings that are functional, technologically integrated, and energy-efficient while creating a cohesiveness between a client's needs and their corporate identity. Whether you're searching for a new space, looking to update an existing one, or test the feasibility of various design options, our highly interactive and collaborative programming process can assist in determining the best fit-plan for your departmental layouts and adjacencies; all while ensuring flexibility in layout to accommodate growth and change. Our comprehensive range of services includes FF&E services, artwork selection and procurement, wayfinding and signage packages, and corporate design standards. 


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