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MILES has outstanding insight into the complexities of planning and designing 21st-century college and university facilities. Coupled with our reciprocal process of exchanging ideas, analyzing data, and interpreting information, we have a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of facility types and programming requirements; all of which enrich the planning process and lends insight into the physical organization, functionality, and development of any type of academic campus. Our portfolio is reflective of this experience and includes a large majority of long-range college and university campus plans featuring new campus planning, supplemental campus planning, and planning for campuses with limited infrastructure.

Our rigorous approach involves a review of the relationships between the existing campus function, environment, and architectural vernacular as we examine important infrastructure components such as vehicle and pedestrian paths, utilities, stormwater management, sustainability, campus maintenance, and information technology to ensure the necessary recommendations for improvements are in place. We develop strategic considerations to further improve campus life, re-utilize and protect historic buildings, and make more efficient use of property through infill and redevelopment. As teaching, research, and community connectivity are constantly evolving, we plan for the future by maximizing the use of critical resources and incorporating smart-growth planning principles. 

Devon Energy Hall


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